Welcome to Deaf Lawn Bowls!

Eddie Vidler, EDLBA President welcomes you to have a look at our new website and this is a first dedicated website for deaf and hearing impaired bowlers in the world. Thanks are extended to "Awards For All" Lottery Grants to make this possible.

EDLBA is an organisation open to all bowlers in England who are deaf or hearing-impaired, men and women. It has existed since 1994 with 11 original members. Now it has over 70 members from all corners of England and growing.

The most frequently asked question is: "Am I allowed to join EDLBA the same time I am a member of a local hearing bowling club?" The answer is "YES". It should be seen in the same way as wheelchair bowlers who are members of both their Local clubs and the national wheelchair bowls organisation.

EDLBA operates competitions for all members wishing to participate and all contest are "closed" events. Results have no bearing with national competitions run by EBA or EIBA.

EDLBA has few top players who play in EBA Middleton Cup (Surrey, Hampshire & Durham). Competitive players are most welcome for championship events.

How much? Only £10 membership per year. Feel free to email me with a question or a message.

Send us a message!

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